Big Bang Sessions


Monday 25 September

11.10-12.40             BIG BANG 1 | TECHNOLOGY ENHANCED  MEDICINE

CREATORS: Pietro Cippà, Zurich, Switzerland and Olivier Thaunat, Lyon, France

We are living in an fast moving age, where the convergence of rapidly developing technologies are enabling new capabilities with the potential to radically improve and disrupt our day to day life. In this session we invite you to have a glance into the crystal ball to see how the future of transplantation looks like. You will learn a CRISPR way to engineer the human genome and how we will soon operate patients from within thanks to nanorobot surgeons."

CHAIRS: Pietro Cippà, Zurich, Switzerland and Olivier Thaunat, Lyon, France

Lectures :

  • A CRISPR way to engineer the human genome
    Angelo Lombardo, Milan, Italy
  • Operating from within: nanorobotic surgery
    Speaker to be confirmed
  • KEYNOTE Juan Carlos Izpisua Belmonte, La Jolla, USA
  • Ellen Roche, Cambridge, United States



CREATORS: Stefan Schneeberger, Innsbruck, Austria and Dorry Segev, Baltimore, United States

The idea of this session is to critically reflect on the value and cost relationship in transplantation – in reference to science, progress, quality of life, patient behaviour including compliance but also regulatory obligations such as working week regulations. The value of life and costs of suffering as well as the implications of money and patient but also physician behaviour are much debated issues in modern health care. We will touch on strategic thinking in research funding, the implementation from lab invention to successful enterprises and what can be learned from the free market. In this session, we aim to draw a modern picture of the actual circumstances in Health Care with respect to both the finances of a treatment, but also patient behaviour and their implications on quality of care. You will experience a different and fresh view on patient care in a rapidly changing environment.

CHAIRS: Stefan Schneeberger, Innsbruck, Austria and Dorry Segev, Baltimore, United States

Lectures :

  • The price for progress
    Wim Bens, Maastricht, The Netherlands
  • The changing circumstances in health care and their consequences
    Scott Halpern, Philadelphia, United States
  • The price for patients satisfaction
    Sheila Jowsey, Rochester, United States


Tuesday 26 September


CREATORS: Josep Maria Grinyó, Barcelona, Spain and Olivier Thaunat, Lyon, France

Putting their steps in those of Dr Frankenstein, scientists have started stitching disparate biological pieces to create new therapeutic opportunities. Far from Sci-Fi fantasies, these therapeutic innovations have already shown promising results in the field of cancer therapy. Their potential to revolutionize solid organ transplantation will be scrutinized during this Big Bang session.


16.00-17.00             BIG BANG 4 | AGEING AND IMMORTALITY

CREATORS: Maarten Naesens, Leuven, Belgium and Olivier Thaunat, Lyon, France

In this session, we discuss the changing demographics of donors and recipients, and the impact on transplantation (organ quality, ischemia-reperfusion injury and immunosenescence). Transplant allocation organisations are implementing age-matching in their allocation procedures. The benefits and the potential drawbacks of these important changes are discussed. In addition, the biology of ageing, and the concept of accelerated ageing after transplantation is covered in BB4, with illustrations of the great relevance of ageing for the future of patients and grafts. Finally, we evaluate innovative ways to halt or slow down these ageing processes, and discover the clues to immortality.

CHAIR : Maarten Naesens, Leuven, Belgium


  • Older graft, older recipients, young ideas
    Stefan Tullius, Boston, United States
  • Accelerated ageing after transplantation
    Peter Stenvinkel, Stockholm, Sweden
  • Halting aging: the science of rejuvenation
    Brian Kennedy, Novato, United States