BSC Specialty Update Symposium

Development, aging and regeneration

SUNDAY 24 SEPTEMBER 2017  |09.00 – 12.50
BSC Specialty Update Symposium

09.00 – 11.00 BSC Session

CHAIRS:  Henri Leuvenink, Groningen, The Netherlands
               Nina Pilat-Michalek, Vienna, Austria

09:00                      Organogenesis and development of organs C18
                              Stephen A.Duncan, Charleston, United States

09:45                      Ageing donor organs and recipients’ immune systems
                              Michiel Betjes, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

10:30                      Generation of kidney tissue from iPS
                              Minoru Takasato, Kobe, Japan


11.10 – 12.50 Joint BSC and VCA Session

CHAIRS : Gerald Brandacher, Baltimore, United States
               Nina Pilat-Michalek, Vienna, Austria


11:10                      VCA and regenerative medicine: a perfect couple?
                              Gerald Brandacher, Baltimore, United States

11:20                      Creating stem cell niches in vitro
                              Martin J. Hoogduijn, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

11:50                      Engineering functional tissues: The Holy Grail or an attainable goal?
                              Tahera Ansari, Harrow, United Kingdom

12:20                      Pediatric reconstructive transplantation
                              Lawrence Levin, Philadelphia, United States




To give in depth insight in biological processes related to ageing. To provide general insight in organ development and regeneration. To implement general knowledge of ageing and regeneration in the transplantation field.

Target audience:
Basic Scientists, Transplant immunologists, Regenerative Medicine researchers, Transplant physicians.



BSC in pills:
The Basic Science Committee promotes Basic science in transplantation in Europe


  • Translation of innovation into clinical activity;
  • Communication between basic scientists and clinicians;
  • Collaboration between laboratories in Europe.