ECTTA, ESC & ERS Specialty Update Symposium

Molecular diagnostics in thoracic transplantation

SUNDAY 24 SEPTEMBER | 09:00-12.50


SESSION 1 - ECTTA & ERS joint session

Pulmonary Hypertension

  • Allocation in Europe: towards a unifying approach?
  • Should we move from ventilation to awake ECMO?
  • Is EVLP a tool for immunoregulation?
  • How to personalise CLAD management?


SESSION 2 - ECTTA & ESC joint session

Advanced heart failure - when drugs alone are not enough: a case-based approach

  • The patient sliding on inotropes
  • Right ventricular failure: LVAD, temporary RVAD or BiVAD?
  • When to refer a patient for heart transplant or LVAD: a stepwise approach
  • Palliation and end of life care in end-stage heart failure



OBJECTIVES | To provide updates on the etiologies, mechanisms, treatment strategies and diagnostic tools of early and late dysfunction of the transplanted heart and lungs. The lectures will focus on the main strategies and mechanisms leading to graft dysfunction starting from donor and organ management, to prevention of long-term chronic immunological injury leading to graft impairment.

TARGET AUDIENCE |Cardiologist, Pneumologists, Cardio-thoracic surgeons, Anestesiologists, Transplant coordinators.


The European Cardio Thoracic Transplant Association has been endorsed to promote initiatives aimed at improving the educational and scientific opportunities ESOT can offer to professionals involved in heart and lung transplantation

GOALS |Our ambition is to become a gathering home to foster scientific growth, exchange programs, collaborative projects and funding opportunities dedicated to European heart and lung transplantation programs.

AIM |Improve quality of care for patients with end-stage heart or lung disease and for thoracic organ transplant recipients. Advance education and stimulate networking amongst thoracic transplant professionals.