EDTCO Organ Donation Meeting

Coordination of industry 4.0

EDTCO Organ Donation Meeting

New role for coordinator in organ recovery and repair
DCD heart donation: What can we transfer to DBD heart donation?
Ex situ heart perfusion: which technique or shall we organize better cold storage concepts?
New role and responsibilities: transplant technicians in organ preservation (in situ/ex situ)

Additional issues not only for coordinators
Impact of improved treatment of cerebro-cardiovascular treatment and new philosophy in end of life care on deceased organ donation rates
Decrease the waiting list: Shall we engage to prevent progression of chronic diseases to end stage organ failure?
Matching expanded donor profiles to selected recipients: HIV to HIV, successfully treated HCV to naive recipients?

To promote better understanding of the barriers to deceased donation. To develop knowledge and skills in end of life care, donor management and family support. To enhance collaboration between healthcare professionals working in the fields of intensive care medicine and organ and tissue donation.

Target audience:
Healthcare professionals involved in intensive care and emergency medicine, end of life care, organ and tissue donation and coordination. Patient, family and society representatives, EU commissioners and political representatives.


EDTCO in pills:
EDTCO is a section within ESOT dedicated to donation and procurement activities. Goals Increase organ and tissue availability. Ensure the quality and safety of organs and  tissues for transplantation. Optimise the safety of living donors and care for deceased donors and their relatives. Optimise potential recipient care and follow-up through effective clinical coordination.

To establish clinically effective programmes in organ and tissue donation, procurement and transplantation by supporting and representing all healthcare professionals involved in the process.