ESOT Education Campfire

Transplantation: How can we keep the fire burning?

ESOT Education Campfire
Created by the ESOT Education Committee

1. Public Education:
a. How to deal with donor organ shortage?
b. How to educate the public on the advantages of live donation?

2. Patient Education:
a. Adherence: how can we improve it?
b. Live donation: how to find a potential live donor?

3. Personal Coaching:
How to balance work life as Tx professional with private life?

4. Educating Young Tx professionals:
How can we inspire the next generation ?

5. Medical/Professional education:
Who is teaching the teachers?


Who should attend : Any Transplant Professional from Senior to Generation Y

The Education Committee is dedicated to:

  • Promoting the overall educational philosophy and programs of ESOT
  • Organising and supporting the advanced courses which are part of the formal ESOT education pathway
  • Collaborating with the ECs of Transplant Societies across Europe and beyond to promote transplant education in a mutually beneficial way
  • Provide quality control for the UEMS-ESOT Exams in Transplantation, Surgery, Medicine, Coordination and Immunology