ETAHP Specialty Update Symposium

Healthy ageing after transplantation

ETAHP Specialty Update Symposium  

This is where you will hear about:

  • Importance of a healthy lifestyle prevention
  • Treatment of f.i. diabetes
  • Treatment of cardiovascular problems
  • E-health: is it possible to have less frequent visits in the outpatient clinic?
  • Face-time: rules and regulations regarding confidentiality?

The lectures will focus on post transplant lifestyle problems, the role of nurses and allied health professionals in promoting a healthy lifestyle, and non-medical interventions aiming to improve post-transplant self-management.

Target audience:
Nurses, physical therapists, dieticians, social workers, occupational therapists psychologists, among other allied healthcare professionals.


ETAHP in pills:
ETAHP reaches out to nurses (e.g. clinical nurses, advanced practice nurses and nurse coordinators (recipient care), psychologists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, social workers, dieticians, pharmacists and other disciplines working in the field of transplantation.

Within ETAHP, nurses and allied healthcare professionals throughout Europe will be united to ensure the best care possible to all transplant patients, with the aim to optimize patient outcomes.

We will do so by creating a strong European interdisciplinary platform to: share evidence based knowledge; exchange experiences and provide training; facilitate research and clinical collaborations; set the standards for the quality of care in transplant nursing and for allied health professionals.