Future Leaders on stage

Life-changing stories

Monday 25th September 13.00-14.00          


The Young Professionals in Transplantation have launched a competition to future leaders in transplantation to give a seminal presentation at the ESOT congress.

Young Professionals have been selected through a call for action on Social Media. Have a look at the exciting and inspirational presenters that have been selected under 40 years old.

CREATED BY: Francesca Tinti, Rome, Italy
                       Mohammed Zeeshan Akhtar, Oxford, United Kingdom

CHAIRS: Francesca Tinti, Rome, Italy
              Mohammed Zeeshan Akhtar, Oxford, United Kingdom

13.00                      A very personal story of success and failure: My journey to social media
                              Omar Taco, Barcelona, Spain

13.20                      Life-changing event: “To improve is to change, to be perfect is to change often.” (Winston Churchill)
                              Natalie Vallant, Innsbruck, Austria

13.40                      Life-changing event: A Love Worth Giving
                              Luke Yates, London, United Kingdom