The coolest clinical trials in transplantation sponsored by the EU

Special Session - Sunday 24 September, 11:20

Following our range of Specialty Symposia, #ESOT2017 will kick off with a session that highlights the large-scale clinical trials currently funded by the European Commission.

Since the beginning of transplantation, clinical trials entertained in Europe contributed to the advancement of this exciting field. Not only large multicenter studies executed by pharmaceutical companies but also investigator-driven research is strongly present in Europe and contributing to the advancement of our field. Under the umbrella of the FP7 and HORIZON2020 frameworks of the European Commission, the EU is sponsoring large international research networks, also in transplantation.

In this session, we listen to the stories of the protagonists in the EU-sponsored projects in the field of solid organ transplantation, and discuss the opportunities and hurdles encountered by these large international collaborative networks.
You’ll hear from participants in a number of clinical trials, including Bio-DrIM, ONE, EUROSTAM, BIOMARGIN and COPE, followed by an interactive panel discussion.

Join us at 11:20 am on Sunday 24th September for this special session!

Please click here for more details on the programme.

There are limited seats for this special session.