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StrongerTogether Award: Final Results

This year’s record-breaking abstract submissions made the #StrongerTogether competition even tougher than expected! Now that the submission is closed, we are thrilled to announce that the winner is

ERASMUS MEDICAL CENTER (Rotterdam, the Netherlands)

The Erasmus MC team submitted the largest group of abstracts coming from a single institution, and will be awarded the 2,500.00 EUR #StrongerTogether Award.

Our warmest thanks go to the European National Transplant Societies that supported this award, and to all transplant centres, hospitals, and institutions that participated in this competition, showing that we are always #StrongerTogether!

Here are the top 10 institutions: have a look and find out how your institution ranked!

1    Erasmus Medical Center
2    Oxford Transplant Centre
3    Paris Translational Research Center for Organ Transplantation
4    Guy's and St Thomas; University of Leuven
5    Institute for Clinical and Experimental Medicine IKEM Prague; University of Cambridge
6    Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham; Transplant Unit Edinburgh
7    Charite University Berlin; Imperial College London/Hammersmith
8    Hospital Clinic Barcelona
9    Medical University of Innsbruck; Oslo University Hospital
10    Baskent University; Hannover Medical School; Hospital Bellvitge; Moscow Regional Research and Clinical Institute; University Medical Center of Groningen

The award winners will be celebrated on Tuesday, 26th September from 19:30 to 20:15 in the Rising Stars Lounge.