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Plenary Sessions


Sunday 24 September


CREATORS: Maarten Naesens, Leuven, Belgium and Gabriel Oniscu, Edinburgh, United Kingdom

The session will take you on a journey from the origins of Transplantation to present day. Recent advances in science open the gate to extending human life, defying nature. However, we are also learning from nature how to extend the life of organs and the entire human body. On the brink of the biggest adventure of the human race, stepping on different planet, we face questions about the very essence of humanity

CHAIRS: Josep Maria Grinyó, Barcelona, Spain and Vassilios Papalois, London, United Kingdom

Welcome addresses by the Congress chairs, Josep Maria Grinyó, Barcelona, Spain and Stefan Schneeberger, Innsbruck, Austria


  • Current patient experience and viewpoint.
    Carole Lamarque, Antwerp, Belgium
  • Hibernation and preservation.
    Robert H.Henning, Groningen, The Netherlands
  • Near future: A glimpse into the on-going/near future of transplantation
    Gerald Brandacher, Baltimore, United States
  • KEYNOTE The human fate from a universal perspective - The race to Mars
    John Bradford, Atlanta, United States



Monday 25 September


CREATORS: Marc Dahlke, Regensburg, Germany and Alexandre Loupy, Paris, France

Some of the established frameworks and conventional approaches in transplantation are outdated and hinder further progress in the field: Endpoints such as BPAR may be less relevant in the modern era while surrogate endpoints e.g. for long term Ktx survival are lacking. We herein attempt to shake up your minds a bit and engage in a mind-set that challenges some of the things considered to be "true" or important. Let us rethink the relevance and value of established tools for promotion of progress in clinical science and face the need for change and the challenges that come with it. Welcome to a  session that will be rebellious and provocative but also constructive and productive.

CHAIRS: Bob Montgomery, New York, United States and Gabriel Oniscu, Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Lectures :

  • What to do when randomized controlled trials stop working
    Alexandre Loupy, Paris, France
  • I can induce tolerance but nobody wants to believe me
    Alberto Sánchez-Fueyo, London, United Kingdom
  • Define Success in the 2017 Transplant World; A Path to happiness
    Flavio Vincenti, San Francisco, United States
  • KEYNOTE : Managing Change with Big Data.



Tuesday 26 September


CREATORS: Marina Berenguer, Valencia, Spain and Antonio Roman, Barcelona, Spain

Health care is undergoing a fundamental change. While new fields in medicine are emerging and short-term results are satisfactory, long-term care of patients after transplantation is more complex and challanging then ever. While novel technologies may help to effectively monitor patients after transplantation, novel structures and business models are warranted to ensure optimal patient care and advancement of the field.

CHAIRS: John Forsythe, Edinburgh, United Kingdom and Christophe Legendre, Paris, France

Lectures :

  • Prospects and pushbacks in hand face uterus abdominal wall penile transplant and others
    Wei-Ping Andrew Lee, Baltimore, United States
  • Beyond survival: quality of life after transplantation
    Lianne Singer, Toronto, Canada
  • New tech for new patients: digital communication and self-monitoring
    Giral Magali, Nantes, France
  • KEYNOTE New models for patient care: wish for what you care for
    Marcel Levi, London, United Kingdom



Wednesday 27 September

11:00 - 13:00           PLENARY SESSION 4 | LEADERSHIP IN TRANSPLANTATION – Closing Event

CREATORS: Lorna Marson, Edinburgh, United Kingdom and Stefan Schneeberger, Innsbruck, Austria

Leadership is a key element in our professional lives, yet the attention to professionalism in this "sport" has not received much attention. Much of the potential in our professional environment could be mobilized by enhancing the understanding of the principles in modern leadership. In this final plenary session, which will be also a closing event celebration, you will hear from some great leaders from within and outside transplantation. They will discuss leadership styles and give their own stories of leadership. As per the tradition of the ESOT conference, you will also be presented with a summary often most exciting innovations that have been discussed during the Congress in this session.

CHAIRS: Thierry Berney, Geneva, Switzerland - ESOT CURRENT PRESIDENT and Stefan Schneeberger, Innsbruck, Austria - ESOT PRESIDENT ELECT


  • Clinical: What's hot!
    Dennis Hesselink, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
  • Basic Science: What's hot!
    Oriol Bestard, Barcelona, Spain
  • Leadership in transplantation!
    Dorry Lidor Segev, Baltimore, United States and Rob Montgomery, New York, United States
  • KEYNOTE Leadership
    Javier Solana, Madrid, Spain
  • Presidential address
    Stefan Schneeberger, Innsbruck, Austria