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Top 10 Reasons to Attend

Why you should come to Barcelona?

1. Enjoy a stimulating rejuvenated format with a focus on interaction and information exchange AND the latest developments in the field of transplantation.

2. Be inspired, educated, connected and entertained.

3. Discuss with experts and innovative thinkers from all fields.

4. Understand the latest trends in biomarkers, biologicals and immunosuppression and how this may change patient care.

5. Learn about the latest discoveries in the science of transplantation and aging.

6. Experience translational research and recent developments at the interjunction between basic science and clinical care.

7. Attend sessions addressing the greatest surgical or immunological challenges.

8. Discuss present and upcoming challenges in transplantation: where business, legislation and medicine/science meet.

9. Present your work and be selected as a case/topic for focused discussions – guided and instructed by key opinion leaders in the field.

10. Get engaged in this interactive meeting and take an active role in shaping the future of transplantation research and medicine.