YPT Workshop

The transplant team: all for one - one for all

SUNDAY 24 SEPTEMBER 2017 | 09.00 – 12.50
YPT Workshop


Part I. The future for transplantation

This debate between two speakers will bring ideas together as to where the future of the
specialty lies.


Part II. Education/Career development in Europe - personal experience

With an unexpected format 3 debates will be performed during this second part

  • ‘I can get no ...’ The bittersweet life of a transplant trainee surgeon versus physician
  • ‘Love your -ologist’ The importance of pre- and post-transplant care
  • ‘You’re only as good as your impact factor’ The importance of research and publication


Part III. Time to inspire!

A talk by one of the founding fathers in transplant on the historical and also the modern
prospective of transplant


Part IV. The YPT of the future

Election/nomination of candidates



YPT in pills:
The Young Professionals in Transplantation (YPT) is the Network for Junior Transplant professionals of ESOT. It has been created to represent all young transplant clinicians and scientists who are beginning a career in transplantation and organ donation. YPT provides a forum for the junior professionals throughout Europe, working in the field of transplantation to discuss their needs and support their improvement. By creating a network based on a “younger perspective” we want to address our issues and facilitate the collaboration and friendship across international borders. We provide a platform for information, communication and exchange between young transplant professionals who want to enhance their knowledge in transplantation and provide the opportunity to be actively involved in international clinical and scientific exchange programs.

The group was designed to establish and maintain a network of young ESOT members under the age of 40 years, who want to become clinical and/or scientific experts in the field of transplantation. YPT is actively involved in the ESOT Biennial Congress, organizing innovative sessions dedicated to junior professionals and arranging networking events to contact all young professionals and share their ideas.

YPT wants to help young transplant professionals to enter the community of ESOT and therefore represents ESOT as a clinical, scientific and especially educational entity, which can help young professionals in their individual career development. We collaborate closely with the ESOT Education Committee in order to endorse high scientific and clinical standards for every YPT member. Together we promote educational programs and are actively involved in the organization of cutting-edge scientific sessions, career development meetings and networking events on ESOT-associated congresses all over Europe through international collaboration with the national transplant societies.